LFP Photography  That photo of the dog is priceless :) - Bri  Apr 3, 2009 ~ 9:37pm
Monica  Aaaawwwww. There was once a store in Hoboken that just sold fancy dog outfits. I used to walk by and think, who buys those? Now I know...Mia is now Paris Hilton's pooch's BFF.  Mar 30, 2009 ~ 3:37pm
michele  tooooo funny. poor dog.  Mar 29, 2009 ~ 4:46pm
Melissa  OMG, the dog outfit is priceless!  Mar 29, 2009 ~ 1:28pm
Candy  Oh, man. I tried not to laugh, and it didn't work. I'm trying to visualize my daughter's maltese/lhasa apso in an outfit like this (we get alot of rain in Oregon...just thought I would point that out), and I don't think Jack Jack would survive the commentary from the other doggies in the complex. :) Ummm..does Mia look embarrassed to you?  Mar 29, 2009 ~ 11:16am
Elaine  Great shots as usual!! As Mia's lawyer (man she's going to owe me alot of biscuits when this is all said and done!) we may have to launch another suit(no pun intended) maybe something along the lines of cruel and unusual punishment, we may even have to call the fashion police in!! I must say that is the cutest thing!! (Just don't tell her I said so, she may fire me!)  Mar 28, 2009 ~ 1:50pm