Heather Corporan  Your work, art, photography is breathtaking. I forget how I found you now. Perhaps it was through MJ's blog, not sure now. But you ROCK! I'm still stalking your blog to see if you list what equipment you use as I'm an 'aspiring' photographer just starting to aquire higher end equipment. Anyways, love the work you guys did. What an awesome testimony for the guys that are able to make good on what was once something so destructive. Thanks for sharing the photos (!) and your art. You've inspired me to keep pushing forward with my dream! Why are all the good photographers NOT in New England lol.  May 24, 2009 ~ 9:52am
shena luna  darn... didn't make the 42.  May 19, 2009 ~ 10:04am
lauren martin gauthier  yay, matt! so generous of you! (oh, wait. i entered the password, the download began, then it interrupted and gave me this error: The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file. does that mean that 42 people have already downloaded it??)  May 14, 2009 ~ 5:27pm
David  Matt, thank you for taking these pictures and thank you for all your help last week.  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:35pm
Veronika  Oh, one question: What type of skid marks were you thinking of? Street or underwear?  May 13, 2009 ~ 2:04pm
Veronika  Thanks, Matt! Glad I was on time for once. Cool project, too, those families will be stoked and blessed.  May 13, 2009 ~ 2:00pm
Staci Brock  Thank you! Great texture, love reading your blog!  May 13, 2009 ~ 1:49pm
Suzy E  Matt, thank you for giving to your community in helping rebuild a home for someone. And thanks for giving to the photographic community by providing the texture!! I was too late the last time but I got it this time!! THANK YOU!!  May 13, 2009 ~ 1:05pm
Melissa Surprise  What a great thing! Thank you so much for sharing the story and the texture.  May 13, 2009 ~ 12:31pm
Teri  Thanks Matt. I love it. Great thing you guys are doing.  May 13, 2009 ~ 9:03am
Kylene Cleaver  Matt you ROCK!!!!  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:54am
angela  Thanks Matt, I got your first as well! These rock!  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:49am
Candy  Thanks, Matt! What a great program...so needed in so many places.  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:48am
Monica  Thank you, Matt! Wow, what a terrific project.  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:40am
Julie  I'm so glad I checked your blog this morning, I missed the other one..Thanks so much!!You rock..  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:25am
paula  What a wonderful program, Matt! Thanks for this post. And for the stunning texture . . .although the title did give me the giggles. :o)  May 13, 2009 ~ 8:14am
linds  Sweeeeeeet!!!! Thanks for the GORGEOUS texture!  May 13, 2009 ~ 7:50am
jodi  cool, story, matt. it is work like this that proves the inherent goodness of mankind. thank you So much for the texture, too. i am assuming the same tou apply as your previous giveaway?  May 13, 2009 ~ 6:19am
jenny  thanks for your generosity again matt!!!  May 13, 2009 ~ 6:17am