Amanda H  A few amazing shots! Wow way to go.  Jul 6, 2009 ~ 2:31pm
tracy routh   I am over the moon about that second shot esp.!! You always find the coolest compositions!!  Jul 3, 2009 ~ 10:58am
Rebecca Inman  These are great! Can't wait to see the rest!  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 4:53pm
Alicia Lipsmeyer  Very Impressive!! Thanks guys for letting us hang out during the shoot!  Jun 30, 2009 ~ 2:33pm
Hannah Panquerne  Wow Matt!! You are so good!  Jun 29, 2009 ~ 6:33pm
Ray Panquerne  These came out great!!! Look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. Thanks to this photo shoot, I'm 10 pounds lighter.  Jun 29, 2009 ~ 1:38pm
Tina  "Didn't shoot much"??? Ha! You couldn't put your camera down! Good thing we had Kylie to keep everyone sane! :-) Thanks for all your help, Matt & Kylie. You guys are rockstars. I couldn't have done any of it without you!!!  Jun 29, 2009 ~ 7:56am
kristin cook  stunning.  Jun 29, 2009 ~ 7:37am
Shelley Rankin  Man you are way too good! These are completely stunning!  Jun 29, 2009 ~ 7:31am