Sabari  Matt, SPeechless! How can you make a toilet paper look so good?  Jun 2, 2009 ~ 4:13pm  That's the coolest looking roll of toilet paper that I've eve seen! NICE!!!  Sep 10, 2008 ~ 10:20pm
Debbie  I found your blog through my friend Paula Barber (who also commented here) and your photography is stunning! I decided to play along...  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 2:03pm
Kelli Bramble  Ran across your blog...Great pic! I have a VERY "humble" photography board with challenges each week, and you inspired me to make this our thing for the week. Great image, and I love your work. Thanks!  Jun 4, 2008 ~ 9:58pm
Paula Barber  Seriously Man, how on earth do you do it. Even you tp photo takes my breath away. {sigh} Well, I decided to play with your challenge a little. And even though my skillz aren't even in the same time zone, it was definitely fun to do. My installment (coughcough) is on my blog listed there. Thanks for the challenge!  May 30, 2008 ~ 5:27pm
Elizabeth  WOW! Great job!!  May 28, 2008 ~ 1:22pm
Matt  Kendra/Jenny- It might be easier (and faster) for me to talk to you about Lightroom over a quick phone conversation, so feel free to give me a call, and I'd be happy to chat about it. 214-621-4264. Have a good one.  May 28, 2008 ~ 11:05am
Schrode  Bro - only you, of course, would come up with said idea of photographing TP. Now every time I got to "go" I will think of your challenge..... Btw... GREAT pics of you and Kylie at the wedding..... you sure look in love to me...... p.s. Reagan keeps asking about Kylie and wants to know when she will come to Ohio to change her poopy diapers.... no TP required! :)  May 27, 2008 ~ 7:21pm
Mario Moreno  I decided to jump on your Every Day Art Challenge and post an image on my blog. Enjoy...  May 27, 2008 ~ 6:59pm
Mario Moreno  Found your website through Melissa Jill. Enjoyed your photos from Berlin...I just got back from Paris. Anyhow, nice fine art image of the toilet paper. I may just do the same as you and try to shoot one item per day and hone in on my FA portfolio.  May 27, 2008 ~ 1:08pm
jenny  only you, matt, could get me to want to hang a framed picture of toilet paper on my wall (and not just a bathroom wall mind you!!) i'm with kendra on the lightroom question...what's the difference in running a PS action vs a lightroom preset?  May 27, 2008 ~ 12:57pm
Shari DeVoogd  See I told you that you could make a roll of toilet paper look stunning!! LOL And I laughed myself sillier with the "In-Stall-ment"!  May 27, 2008 ~ 12:36pm
kendra  Sheesh! You can even make a cool image with a roll of TP. Very impressive! Can you tell me what it is you like about Lightroom? I keep reading you don't need it if you have Photoshop. But there has to be a reason people are using it!  May 27, 2008 ~ 8:04am
Sharon  Awesome! (I expected no less of course.) I am so inspired! I'm heading to the bathroom with camera in hand. :)  May 27, 2008 ~ 1:29am
Adrienne  *clap* *bow* lol we knew you would make it creative.  May 27, 2008 ~ 12:45am