Claudia  I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. Claudia  Jan 20, 2010 ~ 2:44am
Amanda H  Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, really I just love it.  Oct 11, 2009 ~ 8:25pm
Rachel L.  Beautiful! Truly beautiful.  Oct 11, 2009 ~ 9:26am
Erin Carlyle  Matt - BEAUTIFUL!!! That is absoluteley stunning!  Oct 8, 2009 ~ 12:11pm
Charlene  Another beautiful touch of artistry! tfs  Oct 7, 2009 ~ 5:39pm
Elaine  Wow...what a masterpiece!!  Oct 6, 2009 ~ 11:13pm
jodi  what an incredible gift! a brilliant piece of work, matt.  Oct 6, 2009 ~ 10:05am
Mary  FANTABULOUS are truly talented!!  Oct 6, 2009 ~ 12:25am
Marsha Stein  Awww! You are so inspiring! If you are ever having a rough day. (BTW there was a full moon last night I think...) take a look at all of your Kudos!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 9:00pm
Melissa  Simply stunning!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 6:21pm
Audry  Matt---speechless!! AWESOME, PLEASE, teach us how you did this. Will this be one of your textures you will sell? with a tutorial (step by step for beginners like me:)  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 3:30pm
viviana suner  Hi, Matt: I usually don't leave any comments on photographer's blogs, but after seeing your work of art, I couldn't leave your blog without telling you that you are one of the most creative artist I ever saw (and I've seen a lot after being a photographer for over 19 years already) Are you also a designer? because it takes more than being creative to get what you get in your fine art portraits. Congratulations! You deserve to be in the loan collection book!!!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 2:20pm
Joe  Matt, Didn't catch the part about the image not being yours. Nice of you to fix a relatively uncreative photo and put some flair on it. I don't know how to shoot an image with text already embedded - other than to have your subject hold a sign up that might say something like "I <3 Photoshop"  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 2:12pm
Matt  Thanks, all, for the comments. Joe - as I mentioned in the blog post, I didn't take this image. Even if I did, there's no way to shoot an image that I know of with text and textures already added in SOOC, but if you know how to do that, I hope you'll post a tutorial.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 1:51pm
Joe   The edited image is cool but the first looks like it could have been taken with a point and shoot. I hope you don't rely on photoshop as a crutch all the time and can make equally cool images with zero post processing.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 1:28pm
Mindy  this is such a transformation! You are inspiring. Thanks for sharing!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 12:37pm
Angela Nicolosi  Simply astonishing! I love starting my day with the magic you make. Thanks for sharing your talents.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 10:17am
Tina  Awesome stuff, Matt. You rock, as usual.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 10:05am
Allison Davis  Beautiful! It's amazing how you can transform a beautiful photo into an amazing piece of art.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 9:18am
michele poole  matt, love the before & after. wow - really puts it into perspective your vision, and amount of detail/work you put into this art. timeless.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 8:44am
Dennis Bullock  Fantastic work Matt!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 8:35am
Susan  I too am a long time blog stocker and mega fan of your work. I don't believe there are enough adjectives to adequately illustrate the impact of this image. Brilliant.  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 8:33am
Suzy E  Just beautiful!! A treasure!!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 8:32am
Kathryn Neeley  Wow... stunning.. absolutely beautiful!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 8:08am
Jaime  You are genius Mr. Nicolosi! Love love love your work! I use your storyboards all the time and my clients LOVE them!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 7:51am
Robin  If you ever create a DVD workshop series, sign me up for the first purchase please! I'd love to know how do this - awesome!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 7:46am
Jill Louvar  Great job Matt! and an excellent idea!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 7:43am
Jason  Brilliant work - very stunning  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 6:56am
Krysta  WOW! This is AWESOME! I'm actually kind of speechless (which is a rarity!)... I love it!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 12:09am
Daniel Fuentealba  great job Matt... really well done! it's an impressive product you deliver here... I wish I could see the final result but I can imagine it... canvas gallery wrap are so beautiful support for this kind of images... timeless!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 12:00am
janna  i LOVE it, matt. you're so gifted!  Oct 4, 2009 ~ 11:41pm
Philip Casey  So that pretty much rocks. Must say though, horrible original BTW. You are definitely a digital artist.  Oct 4, 2009 ~ 11:29pm
Kelli  Long time blog-stalker, but don't believe I've ever commented before, but this just made me stop dead in my tracks. Just stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.  Oct 4, 2009 ~ 11:11pm