Lucio Borges  Wonderful couple, great pictures!  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 4:44pm
Shelley Rankin  Wow Matt these are gorgeous. Always love your color. And I need smaller reflector to use this technique. Mine is not as portable. I had a transmitter and lost it! So I her you on the lens caps. Uggh. You are an inspiration!  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 7:28am
Schrode  Bro - it was an amazing opportunity for me to get to see the "Master of Photography" in action. You truly are blessed with an amazing vision for taking pictures. I will be your photog assistant anytime you need me! - Schrode  Oct 23, 2009 ~ 5:49am
Angie  So I'm a rookie photog who just let go of the laptop and got a PC for photo editing - and I hear ya! Wow, desktop is WAY faster. I'll never be the same. ;) And any way you could show the resulting shots with that method? (Or are they all with the reflected bounce?)  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 8:23pm
Audry  Thanks for the demo, would love if you showed more eg...of how you get these awesome pic's. Just beautiful.  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 12:12pm
Karen  wow, i'm totally jealous...those colors are out of this world. enjoy your trip!  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 10:32am
Tina  Yea, Schrode!!! Welcome to the world of photography!!  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 9:21am
Monica  These are great images. Thanks for the behind-the-scene shot!  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 8:56am
Julie  Your work rocks !! I was so hoping that location was in Dallas somewhere..thanks for the lighting demo too!  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 7:38am
jodi  welcome back to o.h.i.o.!! thanks for the pull-back shot. enjoy your trip!  Oct 22, 2009 ~ 6:42am