tanya  How in the world did you get a new mama to let those dogs in the crib?! LOve it!! The first one is a true piece of art.  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 9:48pm
Jess  LOVE the first one. Very classic and the best I've seen. I wish you lived here so you could do some maternity pictures of me. *sigh* Someday we'll fly you up. :)  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 2:47pm
Holly  L O V E the one with her hand on the crib. ahhh...very chic and sweet all at the same time. gorgeous photos as always, matt!  Jan 24, 2010 ~ 8:29pm
Tina  Great stuff, Matt. I knew you would do them proud. Can't wait for "Baby Bird" to get here!!!  Jan 24, 2010 ~ 6:12pm
sally   love, love , love the dogs!!  Jan 24, 2010 ~ 2:47pm