Erick Claytor  Matt... I don't know if this is too much to ask, but I am sure a lot of us would love to see a youtube tutorial on how you accomplished this beautiful work! I have tried to figure it out, but I am still at a loss... so how about it?  Jun 8, 2011 ~ 2:26pm
Schrode  Bro - wow, a year already! CONGRATS TO YOU TWO!!!  Jan 31, 2010 ~ 9:52pm
Matt  Thanks everyone. For those that asked, this is actually a combination of 4 different textures: Watermark (my textures), Roxie Glitterhips (TRA Dirty Texture Set), and then a Bold Brushwork and Rough Parchment texture from IDC Photography. Just been doing a little experimenting lately with some different combos of textures I've created/collected. HTH!  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 12:33pm
Becky  Happy Anniversary!  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 11:20am
robyn  What a gorgeous photo! I love the texture. Is that one in your Firenze collection?  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 10:37am
Melissa Brown  Congratulations! Just seems like you guys got married. Wishing you many more years of wedding bliss!  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 10:12am
Farrah Braniff  Hey Matt- awesome shot and congrats on your 1st year! Quick question, Is the texture that you use over this image and in the maternity image one from your set?  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 9:48am
A. Weight  Happy Anniversary to a Beautiful couple!  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 8:58am
Daniel Fuentealba  wow! one year already... time is goign fiuuuuu! congrats you guys! keep it going ;)  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 8:53am
Chad Pennington  awwwww shucks - I truly love true love.  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 8:12am
Robin McQuay Anderson  *sigh* Lovely and congratulations!  Jan 25, 2010 ~ 7:51am
Stacey Reese  Wow, that went by quick! Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous shot! You both look fabulous!  Jan 24, 2010 ~ 11:58pm