Linds Rudy  I'm so jealous you found this pillow on the clearance rack! Rudy and I found this and loved it, but REFUSED to pay the ridiculous full asking price! Might have to check the local pier one and see if they have any left and on sale! Also, I love the orange in the honeymoon pic!  Feb 6, 2010 ~ 6:48am
kay  I LOVE IT!  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 7:31am
Chill  Love the pic, but I would change the color. Like the vases and pillow...LOVE how you can make the simplest things look amazing.  Jan 26, 2010 ~ 4:06pm
Audry  mmmmm i'm thinking the canvas venice pic. would look much better at my place.....:) Love it love it  Jan 26, 2010 ~ 1:25pm
nancy  Love the image, but maybe the vases and flowers don't work with it. Not sure!  Jan 26, 2010 ~ 11:48am
Marlene Fast  Do you want the room to pop or the artwork? Personally, I think that the beautiful muted background colours on the brick and mantel really help the artwork pop. Going with something in the same tones will perhaps blend the artwork. IMHO I like to see the artwork! Gorgeous reno.  Jan 26, 2010 ~ 10:01am
Robin  Pillow - perfect. Orange glow of sky in Venice - a little intense. But I still really like it. Painted brick and darker mantle - chic. Overall choices - success!  Jan 26, 2010 ~ 7:36am