Cammy Hatzenbuehler  You do beautiful work. The images are stunning.  Jul 8, 2013 ~ 10:17pm
AMF  Amazing. Short of words other than amazing.  Sep 8, 2008 ~ 12:13am
Andrew  Hi Mat - I've been completely bowled over by your stunning photography and enjoy stopping by on a regular basis. Truly awesome. Respect!  Jul 18, 2008 ~ 12:44pm
Karen  gorgeous, matt, just gorgeous! and that last one is absolutely breathtaking...  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 5:26pm
Linda  I forgot to mention the dress was my mothers and it's 50 years old! Thanks to my sister and her seemstress abilities and creativity, she re-worked it. It had long sleeves for a winter wedding!  Jun 13, 2008 ~ 10:59am
Linda Conry - Brides Mom  You are amazing Matt! Viewing the pictures last night was overwhelming. I felt I held it together pretty well but then at work today one of my co-workers saw the pictures and started crying then I lost it!!!! Thank you again. We really appreciate the time you spent photographing Allie :)  Jun 13, 2008 ~ 10:43am
jenny  oops...REALLY bad misspelling, like totally typing in the wrong word!!...and its only 10AM  Jun 12, 2008 ~ 9:58am
jenny  your comment to anab & dancl cracks me up. i chuckle its time i read leno you.  Jun 12, 2008 ~ 9:56am
stacey  I am blown away by these shots! The bride is absolutely stunning and your work is top notch! The dress is so pretty-I love connections to the past and this is one of the most beautiful dresses I have seen in a while!  Jun 12, 2008 ~ 8:44am
Matt Nicolosi  Gina, the 3rd image was taken with a 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, the 13th image was taken with an 85mm f/1.4, and then the rest of the full lengths were taken with a 24-70mm f/2.8. HTH!  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 11:45pm
Matt Nicolosi  Anab & Dancl, good question regarding keeping the dress clean. It's not my problem, so I don't care... totally kidding. Any images where the bride is sitting or laying, I brought a clear sheet of plastic lining (kinda like the stuff you might use to cover windows to prevent drafts) that is strategically placed under the dress to help keep it clean. Obviously there's still some of the dress that touches the ground, but as long as the bride isn't moving too much, it usually stays pretty clean. I have known a couple brides that have taken the dress to get cleaned afterwards if needed.  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 11:42pm
Gina  Stunning! Now these are some favs!! Question, on the full body bridals, what lens did you use? You seem so close, but yet have everything and some surrounding in view.  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 10:32pm
Paige  Breathtaking! as usual!  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 9:47pm
DanCL  great pictures... love the details. question: this is before the wedding... she is wearing a very important dress which she will be wearing on her wedding... and she's walking around and sitting here and there... I mean, what happend about taking care of that dress? I'm not specialized on weddings... just curiosity ;)  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 9:31pm
AnaB  Love, love, love the photos, but... every time I see Bridal photos I have the same question, so this time I'll ask it: How do they/you keep the dress clean for the actual wedding? Or do they send the dress off to be cleaned after the sessions? Just always wondered...  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 8:38pm
Cecile Janicek  O! M! G! Matt...what great photography. I love every shot on this post.....beautiful beyond words  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 9:12am
jenny  Incredible Matt! My favs are of her on the rock floor. The sharp angles/corners of the rock with the soft/flowingness (is that even a word?) of her dress is such an awesome combo!!  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 8:45am
Kylie  Absolutely gorgeous- good luck choosing Ally!  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 8:20am
courtney  These are some of the most gorgeous bridal shots I've ever seen!!!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful bride. VERY very VERY nice job :)  Jun 11, 2008 ~ 8:09am