taniawillis  not sure if those other ideas worked for you. if not....pour in 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups water. let sit overnight and then scrub. i've done this before myself.  Feb 16, 2010 ~ 8:13am
kimbrali  matt you should be so proud. it take special talent to screw up boiling water :) im sure it will be the last time you do that though! and im loving your latest posts. the house is going to look great and your textured portraits are so awesome.  Feb 2, 2010 ~ 10:50am
Melissa  That is funny. I too have done the same thing. Head to TJMaxx!  Jan 29, 2010 ~ 1:51pm
Natalie  Believe it or not, I just did this to the exact same pot on Christmas day. Ouch!! And it was a wedding present for me as well. I was able to find a Calphalon replacement pot at Marshall's for less than $50.  Jan 29, 2010 ~ 9:03am
Tina  Matt, funny. But sorry it doesn't compare to the four exploding eggs I found in my kitchen that sounded like gunshots (and frankly scared the hell out me). You guessed it. Jerry put them in some water to boil on high and (um... forgot) and passed out on the couch for the night. You guys are hopeless!  Jan 28, 2010 ~ 1:26pm
Hip  Shouldn't this post be titled "User Fail"? After all the cooktop did its job.  Jan 28, 2010 ~ 9:08am
Amanda  Now I know what remedies to use if that happens to us, I usually just leave the oven on with nothing in it. Yikes good luck and let us know how it turns out.  Jan 28, 2010 ~ 1:12am
Jenn H  I don't want to answer how many times I've done the same thing. My husband won't even let me leave the kitchen for a minute when I'm cooking now. I've earned it, though-just ask our Calphalon. You have the best defense already, though-Bar Keeper's friend. What I do is fill the sink up with hot water and 1/4 to 1/2 cup dishwasher detergent. Soak the pot overnight, then next day make a paste out of the BKF and water and put it on the scorched area. Leave on for only a few minutes (it'll etch the metal if you leave it too long), then scrub with one of the nylon scrubby things. If that doesn't do it, try the paste again, with fine steel wool. It's never failed me. Also, it's totally unfair that even a shot of a burned pot can look gorgeous when you take it. Good luck!  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 7:27pm
Matt  Thanks all for the comments. @ Paula - Yes, my skin felt fantastic when I woke up this morning. Totally meant to do that. @ Shelley - I'm sorry you can relate. No, really... I'm sorry. @ Chad - The Red Sea analogy is golden... where was that last night when I was defending myself? @ Karen - Thanks for the silver lining. @ Kendra - That's the dumbest advice I've ever heard. Whoever told you that is a moron.  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 12:49pm
kendra  If I recall correctly, your sage advice to me when I did this was: 1. Open trash can lid. 2. Drop pan in can. 3. Replace trash can lid.  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 9:38am
Karen  Ruh roh, Shaggy! Sorry, no help here... but looks like you've got a sahweeet new cooktop!  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 8:25am
Chad Pennington  Matt here is what I found I soak the pan with hot water and a little dish soap. I use my scrub brush to get off what I can. I then use an SOS pad to get the remainder off. - pour a little bleach in the pot and let sit over night - Use an old rag and baking soda with a little water to remove what's left I just put a little water in the pot (cover the bottom by about an inch) and add some dish washer detergent. Let this cook for awhile, drain, and scrub with steel wool. It shouldn't take much actual scrubbing to get it clean. You may need to do it again if you got in too much of a rush and didn't cook it long enough. I HOW THIS HELP AND KEEPS YOU OUT OF TROUBLE. Next time tell your wife when moses parted the Red Sea this is what was at the bottom. Be blessed buddy  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 8:12am
Shelley Rankin  Sorry to hear this. It sounds like something I have done... ummm a few times. Try to soak it with baking soda and a bit of vinegar. Then use steel wool to try and clean it. Good luck. Also.. you can try and bring it back to a boil in the pot to loosen the burnt stuff. Don't leave the stove though! :)  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 8:09am
Paula  Hmmm. I have no ideas for the gorgeous pot. . .but on a brighter note, just think of all the hydration that you skin received from the extra moisture in the air. This time of year that has to be a bonus, right?  Jan 27, 2010 ~ 8:00am