tracy  These are so amazing! I hope to go there someday, but looking at your artistic vision is almost like being there!  Jun 16, 2010 ~ 11:25pm
nicole  wonderful louvre pictures! makes me want to go back again real soon! just love paris...  Jun 3, 2010 ~ 10:32pm
Karen  wow, matt, your travel images are breathtaking! they always take me away to whereever your at and i love them! it's almost as if i'm right there viewing them (but with an artistic perspective)! thank you for sharing, i always enjoy seeing your work!!  May 28, 2010 ~ 10:32am
christie Stockstill  I have never wanted to go to Paris so badly in my life!!! Your choices in post are perfection.  May 27, 2010 ~ 11:05pm
Kelly  Absolutely beautiful.  May 25, 2010 ~ 11:21am
Bobby H  Wow... so much inspiration here. These are awesome. What lens/actions/etc do you use to get the effect on the second image from the top (outside the metra station)? Is this a TRA?  May 24, 2010 ~ 10:33am
Monica  Oh my. These images did do it justice! Those nighttime photos with water reflections are just breathtaking.  May 24, 2010 ~ 10:03am
Stacey  I love these images! Thank you for sharing your talent-I get to visit my dream vacation spot vicariously through you. Your ability to capture the architecture is amazing!  May 23, 2010 ~ 7:47pm
Chad Pennington  Matt how long were you in Europe ?  May 23, 2010 ~ 6:04pm
Stephanie  Ahhh, a little arm-chair traveling on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee. Beautiful. You are an artist! The post processing is just perfect for each and every image.  May 23, 2010 ~ 6:21am
Janet  3rd from the end=favorite!  May 22, 2010 ~ 10:16pm
lane   matt-these are awesome! seriously stunning. this is not just to make you feel good, but it seriously looks like a coffee table book amazing! really beautiful! can i have your jet setting life?  May 22, 2010 ~ 9:55pm
Amanda H  Love that double corridor shot, thanks for sharing!  May 22, 2010 ~ 9:41pm