Mary Schannen  These are fantastic!  Jul 30, 2010 ~ 12:00pm
Amy   Why wait, right? I'm going to head out right now and grab a couple of shots. No better time than now! Kerchow!  Jul 28, 2010 ~ 9:06pm
Amy   These are incredible. I def. need to shoot more random crap. Finding the extraordinary in ordinary indeed. I love the fence of white bikes. That's awesome.  Jul 28, 2010 ~ 9:04pm
Dennis Bullock  Good stuff!  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 9:49pm
Rachel Owens  Such a timely reminder. Thanks for sharing your life and (as always) your amazing photos.  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 1:31pm
Angela  I agree each time I find another book in my hand to stay "fresh" in ideas for taking photos and running a proper business. However, it isn't just taking photos for myself, it's the days I just leave the house without the camera. For when I return home I always say aloud, "I knew I should have taken my camera!" I had two days in a row like that, but then I thought maybe that day was just for me and me alone. :) Keep up the amazing work Matt.  Jul 25, 2010 ~ 2:51am
Rae Mati  Matt, Matt, Matt, you never cease to amaze me. You are truly inspiring ...  Jul 24, 2010 ~ 10:13pm
Sue Ellen Pesl, Austin PPA President  Damn you make it look so easy! All these images from "the ride home"! Beautiful work Matt!  Jul 24, 2010 ~ 5:26pm
jasonschafer  awesome. thanks for the bit of inspiration. love the bike and sunflare  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 8:19pm
Amanda H  I love all the bike pictures, how fantastic with the clouds in the backdrop. Amazing photos and thanks for the reminder. Again we need you to speak in Dallas.  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 3:47pm
Daniel Fuentealba  nice. my favorite... the one with the sun through the windshield.  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 11:14am
Erick Claytor  Such beautiful work, Matt. I am sure that it was nice to shoot for yourself. Here in Portland, OR we have a lot of those white bikes positioned around town... they are memorials rather than art. You know, it is amazing what your passion can capture!  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 11:00am
Barbie Schwartz  Matt, I would have LOVED to attend your talk in Austin. Your work inspires me every day to see art in the ordinary things around me.  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 10:41am
Laurie  Salado is such a beautiful town, and your images really captured its charm! I am in such awe of your talent and generosity in sharing it. Thank you so much!  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 10:09am
Karen  I'm so so sad I missed the opportunity to hear you speak and to catch up with everyone. I am confident though that you rocked the house! :) Would love to hear the podcast if you ever post it!  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 10:07am
Jamie Lapeyrolerie  Thanks again for sharing at Austin PPA. Bummer I had to sneak out early, but truly enjoyed what you had to share! You work is always so inspiring!  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 10:05am
Monica  Oh, I meant to add, you're right, you have to set out with the intention to find something extraordinary (in shooting and in life). What you have found here are incredible and worth taking the time. Brilliant presentation, BTW.  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 8:59am
Monica  Aaahhhhhh, REfreshing! So nice to see you in Austin, Matt. Looks like you are fired up again. In all my years of looking at photos, I've never seen anything like these...ever.  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 8:56am
Ralph Grant  Matt, your comments ring so true with me. I'm not a pro photographer for the exact reasons you mention. My fear is that what I love to do would turn into a job (I have one of those) so I shoot for ME every time I pick up my camera. However, that makes me selfish with my art. You share your gifts with everyone that you capture in your fantastic portraiture. Keep it up. Finding a way to make a living at something you love is true success!  Jul 23, 2010 ~ 8:41am