Karen  i love it! it's perfect! my favorite part is seeing your recent images!!  Aug 9, 2010 ~ 1:57pm
Amanda H  Love the new blog, great color choices, it looks very finished. :)  Aug 9, 2010 ~ 12:18pm
Amy B  congrats, Matt! I checked out the photog section and realized you had given away textures in the past...maybe you'll give another 25 away in celebration of your new site! Just sayin'! ;)  Aug 9, 2010 ~ 8:55am
Matt  It's really wonderful. Super easy to navigate and simply beautiful.  Aug 9, 2010 ~ 7:26am
Amy  very cool Matt!  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 8:52pm
kimbrali  verrry niiiice.  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 7:35pm
Traci  It looks awesome! I'm in the middle of a rebrand myself and know how hard it is to work with a designer and get to something that's perfectly you. I just had to tell you that I think this is a perfect fit for your images and style and the whole look is very polished with the perfect amount of texture! :)  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 4:39pm
Dad  I Like your new site.  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 1:14pm
Chell  New design looks great!!  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 8:30am
Claude  Well done Matt!  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 7:40am
Daniel Fuentealba  Congrats Matt, it's unique. You + infinet design + assistants made an amazing job here putting together all the information on 1 site and most important, well organized. I'm actually on the same track so maybe I'll take some "ideas" to find the way to get things done... cause I change m mind quite often when it comes to design.  Aug 8, 2010 ~ 12:21am
Suzy E  Love the new digs!  Aug 7, 2010 ~ 10:51pm
Dennis Bullock  Looks great Matt!  Aug 7, 2010 ~ 10:35pm
Melissa Surprise  Congrats Matt. It all looks great!  Aug 7, 2010 ~ 10:02pm