Nick  Matt - How do you get seagulls to pose on your car, when all they will do is poop' on mine? Is it special bread you are using, or some kind of Jedi mind trick...? Superb shots as always, and a great capture of the fall colors on the east coast. Cheers  Oct 14, 2010 ~ 2:29pm
Amy  could you please stop being so awesome all the time. it's kinda depressing for a wanna-be like me *laughs* really though, gorgeous shots!  Oct 12, 2010 ~ 4:19pm
Stacey  Gorgeous images, Matt! Love the sun flare on that last one! Congrats on the new, little blessing that is coming your way! Can't wait to see newborn pics! :)  Oct 8, 2010 ~ 10:29pm
Monica  Waaaaah! I want to go home. Growing up in Connecticut, these are the places I know. Austin, TX autumns while nice, simply don't compare. It was wonderful re-living them through these photos...although these are more beautiful than what my memories hold Hope you're feeling better.  Oct 8, 2010 ~ 10:22am
Tanya  We use to live in Boston, where my husband did his residency at Mass General. We would take weekend trips to Maine, VT & NH. Stowe was a fav. along with Kennybunk port, Maine. Awesome images, LOVE the last bridge shot. And the cute one of mama Kylie. :)  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 4:30pm
Robyn  wow. thank you for sharing your vacay in this most gorgeous way. I moved to LA and, while I do NOT miss the winter, it sure is nice to see some beautiful Fallscapes. :)  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 3:59pm
Natalie Clayshulte  There are far too many awesome pictures here for me to pick a favorite. However, you have inspired me to plan early for our trip to New England next fall. Looks like it was breathtaking!!  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 3:10pm
Barbara Wilhite  How can anyone just vote for 1 as a favorite???? There all just beautiful. Was in New England myself this summer with friends, motorcycling. Loved every minute of it. If I had to vote, it would probably be for the bouys...  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 11:59am
JessieDae  Thank you so much ... you took me back home (I'm from Maine) ... Great shots .. all of them!  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 11:22am
susan dodd  WOW, Matt!!! Seriously awesome. You do this type of stuff so so so so amazingly well!!!!!!!! LOVE them all.  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 10:48am
Teresa  Who knew your inner caveman was an artist too?! Sorry to hear about your leg. : / Beautiful images as always!  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 10:28am
Candy  Beautiful. I'm leaving next week for Connecticut....Sleepy Hollow, New York and Boston. These were inspiring. Can't. Wait. :)  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 10:23am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Love the work! What a great set of images you've posted...I'm now in the mood for apple cider and leaf raking...oh wait, I live in Florida...dang...guess I'll settle for another day at the beach.  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 8:41am
Dennis  These are great Matt.....I see a few wall prints!  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 8:35am
Erick Claytor  This is an incredible series! Beautiful work, Matt!  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 5:46am
Amanda H  Congrats on the pregnancy. I need an excuse to head to NE, I love the fall feel in these photos. Stunning! Can't imagine what else you would have gotten if you were feeling better. Once again you rock.  Oct 7, 2010 ~ 2:30am