Annette  Came across your site when looking on the internet and must say that you are amazing, like your stile - So niiccce  Jan 6, 2011 ~ 6:22am
Jenifer  AMAZING pictures Matt!!!  Dec 12, 2010 ~ 6:43am
Sheila  Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl. Breathtaking!  Dec 3, 2010 ~ 7:11pm
Ronald  Breathtaking!  Dec 2, 2010 ~ 1:13pm
Michelle  These are beautiful! Nice work.  Dec 2, 2010 ~ 9:26am
Mom (aka the sun and the wind)  Good luck chosing from these Abby, Lisa & Mike. They're all beautiful!! Very, very nice, Matt, and thanks for the plug...I'll add it to my resume!  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 11:34pm
Melissa Brown  These ROCK! You are right you should be doing more seniors!!  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 7:15pm
Shelly Pickett  As always your images are fantastic! Your style is perfect for senior school photos (I've always struggled with the term "senior" photos myself...). Your nieces pictures will be a hit at her school and I'm sure you'll have no problem filling your shooting schedule with high school seniors!  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 4:02pm
Dad  Very nice job Matt.  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 11:42am
Molly Woodall  Abby is beautiful and would make a beautiful model! I can't believe she's only a Senior...she has such classic beauty!  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 11:00am
Brittani  WOW! These photos are breathtaking!!  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 9:55am
Matthew Walton  I've followed your work for awhile now, but I've never posted. Your style translates well to the senior realm. You seem to capture such an intimate look, and that is something I'm working toward myself. Great job on these, I hope you do more seniors too! - MW  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 9:25am
Angela Nicolosi  PS When I read the beginning of the post I thought you were shooting pics of senior citizens! lol, tho I think you'd be great at that, as well.  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 8:58am
Angela Nicolosi  I pretty much think you're going to put Olin Mills out of business. Goodness, these are fantastic! Her classmates are going to be jealous, too.  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 8:54am
sally   how will the girl ever pick??  Dec 1, 2010 ~ 6:15am
Garry  Wow! With a model this beautiful I think I could have made great picture.Really these are just great and I know you had a great time.  Nov 30, 2010 ~ 10:26pm
Dennis Bullock  Fantastic work Matt!  Nov 30, 2010 ~ 9:52pm
Natalie Clayshulte  I love the variety of locations, posing and the reflective images. Beautiful work!  Nov 30, 2010 ~ 8:47pm
Claude  Mom's make great assistants! Looks like seniors are a natural for you. Great job and excellent PP (as always).  Nov 30, 2010 ~ 6:08pm