Monica  Thanks for the early 2011 Christmas idea. I'll guess 900 ;)  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 4:24pm
Laurie  Love that image! We have a collection of beautiful Harborlights lighthouses, which my late Dad collected. My guess is 313.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 11:16pm
Sam Curren  Long time follower of your blog (along with my wife), and she really wants to win. haha I'm going to guess 426.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 10:52pm
Jess Curren  So awesome! Now I'm going to have to come up with a photo of mine to make into a puzzle. :) I guess 343.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 10:47pm
Marisa Beal  375  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 10:17pm
Trish  I would guess about 240 pieces. I woulda mounted and frames this sucker after doing it LOL  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 7:43pm
Christin  How about 284? Thanks for the great idea. I would love to give one of these puzzles as a gift. Any Grandma would LOVE one of her grandkids, right?  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 7:04pm
Chad Penningtn  My Guess is 360  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 6:32pm
Barbie  Ah, now see what happens when you don't read the question carefully?  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 6:24pm
Barbie  1008? Beautiful image, but yeah, not the best choice for a puzzle!  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 6:23pm
Jenifer  Beautiful photo! My guess is 384. :)  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 3:32pm
Cathy Kurtz  My guess is 342 pieces. And it is a very beautiful picture and I can only imagine how difficult it was to put together! How fun! :) Great perseverance though!!!  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 1:53pm
DIANE   I am guessing 575! great idea! diane  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 10:59am
Dawn  Long time fan, first time posting... I guess it takes the possibility to win something of yours to get me to post. My guess is 398.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 10:23am
Judith  336  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 10:02am
Skoticus  320. This is a cool puzzle, despite the monochromaticity of it. I think that;s a word...  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 9:49am
April  Hi...long-time lurker here. :) I'm guessing 374. I'm even more impressed that you're willing to count all those pieces. yeeeeks!  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 9:27am
Lara Beck  Love the idea! I'll guess 380.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 9:23am
Robin McQuay Anderson  I'll say 295.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 8:43am
Kira  Matt, your work is just beautiful! I love checking out the blog to look at the pictures and read the commentary :) I'm going to guess there are about 300 cloud/sky pieces.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 8:05am
Joel Davidson  Im gonna go with 314, this is a great idea by the way.  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 7:41am
donya  I've always wanted to use my own pictures for a puzzle, but I never could find a good picture. I think this one would actually be sort of fun since it would be challenging! Hmm... I'll guess 425 sky/cloud pieces!  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 3:55am