dpickens_42@yahoo.com  I don't comment often, but the cuteness factor was just too much to bare! Mia...YOU ARE JUST TOO PRECIOUS!! I think I'm in love!!  Jan 11, 2011 ~ 2:31pm
robyn  Very possibly the cutest dog in the world. The most photogenic at the very least!  Jan 4, 2011 ~ 10:11am
Molly Woodall  Mia is so precious! I love the one ear up/down thingy that she has going on. And the fast action photo of her with the tissue is HILARIOUS! It's a proven fact...our furr babies pick US we don't pick them!  Jan 3, 2011 ~ 1:39pm
Teresa  <3 Mia! happy Birthday, Sweetness!  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 2:13pm
Monica  What a precious post. Happy Birthday big-girl Mia and Happy New Year to your growing family!  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 1:41pm
Karey  Can't wait to see how you dress your baby :)  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 12:44pm
Toni Albers  Kudos on the Mia and Knome look alike shot! Gives me great inspiration as I head out to shoot a New Years Day wedding : )...."hey, would you guys mind wearing these elf hats?" Happy B Day to Mia BTW  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 9:16am
Renee Sprink  Oh my word! This entire post just made me howl! What a great way to start 2011! Would love to hear how you lit her in many of those images! BEAUTIFUL work!  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 8:11am
Mom  Excu-u-u-u-s-e me???? The gnome thing was serious as a heart attack!! The Mia and gnome look-alike is hilarious.  Jan 1, 2011 ~ 2:11am
bev hawley  Hard to choose a favorite out of these but the" beware of dog" one I think topped the list. Happy New Year!  Dec 31, 2010 ~ 5:52pm