Dawn  Take all the time you need! I'm "splurging" on all the eye candy from the past post on your blog that I have missed!  Mar 22, 2011 ~ 3:08pm
Monica  Everything in its time. Like most people have said here, you will feel compelled to pick up your camera when baby arrives. It may be a point-and-shoot for a while. Plus, we get our Matt fix on FB ;)  Mar 16, 2011 ~ 11:43am
Stacy  As a mom of an 8 month old, I can tell you that taking some time for you and your wife was a great idea! Don't worry, once you start posting pictures of that beautiful girl, I'm sure your fans will start flocking back! Enjoy these last few weeks!  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 6:50pm
lindey  what a smart discussion! i may have snickered a bit when i read "until we get our feet back under us after our little girl arrives." ...yeah, not going to happen -but in a *really* good way! love that first picture!!  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 6:50pm
Melissa   Completely understand where you are coming from. My family calls my office my "post" because I too am always behind the camera or at my computer. I also work a FT job in addition to photography. Matt - you have a God given talent so keep using it! Please continue to post images of Kylie and the baby as things progress. Your blog is always a job to read.  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 5:27pm
Toni Albers  When we spoke on the phone you told me you would be doing this so I wasn't surprised, but I have to admit ... just a little worried. It's good to get an update, and I agree with everyone else here... Your choice is one you will not regret.  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 3:19pm
Teresa  You're posts have always been a treat and will remain so even if spread out a little. :) Being with family and treasuring the love that surrounds you is most important. p.s. Dig that first photo!  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 1:39pm
Stephanie  I think your decision to savor this time is wonderful. I had no idea this wasn't your only 'gig'. Do let us know if there's any way to meet up while we're in Dallas next month. Even if a session isn't possible, perhaps a meal together would be.  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 1:33pm
Candy  What Bev said. =)  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 1:14pm
Nancy  Very thoughtful and wise decision. I'll miss your post. Enjoy your family! Most important!  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 11:48am
Audry  Matt must admit I was missing your post. I applaud your decision. As always look forward to your post.  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 9:55am
Christine DeSavino   How wonderful that you're recharging and getting ready for an event that will surely change your world! Treasure this time, Matt and we will all be waiting for you and your beautiful photos when you get back! :)  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 9:41am
Laurie  SO glad to see your new post! Your images fill me with happiness! I applaud your decision to re-prioritize, though, even if it means we have to wait a little longer between posts.  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 8:53am
Tori @ FIToriBLOG.com  I'm doing the same thing preparing for our new baby, working full time and the blog is taking the backburner. When you're old you won't miss time w/ the blog but you will miss time w/ your wife, child, friends, etc. :) Great choice! :)  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 8:39am
bev hawley  Enjoy this time...your camera will get well used in the months and years ahead... filled with images of your most important subjects.  Mar 14, 2011 ~ 1:02am