Philip  OMG I love that sequence at the top! What a great idea! Matt you're awesome!  Apr 19, 2011 ~ 10:37am
Sharon  What a beauty! So glad to hear everyone is doing well. Blessings to your beautiful family!  Apr 11, 2011 ~ 10:33pm
Sharyn Tormanen  Love this post!  Apr 11, 2011 ~ 11:58am
Elena   What an amazing collage. I am nearly in tears just looking at it.  Apr 8, 2011 ~ 8:46pm  Excellent collage of baby Nicolosi growth!! Pure EXCELLENCE!!  Apr 8, 2011 ~ 3:38pm
lindey  first of all, this is the most stunning maternity collection of images i've ever seen. leave it to you to it to the next level! second...i'm so happy & excited for you two. i cannot wait to see her through your lens! praying that all goes perfectly.  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 12:56pm
Stephanie  I love, love, love that image! I'm so glad we finally got to meet you both. Hopefully we can meet little Nicolosi someday for a shoot of our own. It's pretty obvious that you two are going to LOVE parenthood.  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 11:46am
Candy  So excited for you! Can't WAIT!!!!  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 11:21am
Jamie Lapeyrolerie  Loved this post!!  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 11:16am
Monica  You're going to be amazing parents. Holding the vision of health and peace for you both in the coming days, and knowing that is one lucky baby :)  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 10:58am
Toni Albers  Sounds like you will be a real "in touch" kind of Dad. Keep referring back to your list....  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 9:43am
Suzy E  Beautiful photo and beautiful post! Congratulations on becoming a family of 3. Your life will never be the same again!  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 9:13am
Laurie  Before you know it, you will be saying "this is the last Thanksgiving dinner together (insert random act of life here) before she moves away to college." Enjoy every blessed moment with her! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images.  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 9:07am
Shelley Rankin  That is one gorgeous photo series. Very Unique. And yes... life will change for sure, for all the reasons you listed but in such a blessed way. Soon after she arrives you will struggle to remember what life was like before her!! Wishing you all the best!  Apr 6, 2011 ~ 8:45am
Angie T  This totally made me smile! And I LOVE that composite photo!  Apr 5, 2011 ~ 11:44pm
bev hawley  Love the image...what a keepsake! Don't forget to pack a pen and paper in your suitcase so you can write your first letter to your little girl moments after you see her for the first time. Wishing you both the best!  Apr 5, 2011 ~ 11:20pm
Daniel Fuenteaba  what a nice and well exected idea... why! hahaha next kid I promise :) best wishes for the new family.  Apr 5, 2011 ~ 4:39pm
Shelly  Best wishes for your impending arrival! So exciting! I am really looking forward to your newborn images!!  Apr 5, 2011 ~ 4:04pm
Rhonda Duron  Love this post so much! I have a ten week old and can relate to each and every one- including dog + diapers. Thanks for the laugh and good luck with all your future images. Can't wait to see her here!  Apr 5, 2011 ~ 2:10pm