Karen  Awww, Matt! Your girls are looking so beautiful! Saige is growing up so fast!!! Hearing you go through these moments for the first time brings me back to the days when our babies were once babies! Enjoy, my sweet friends and hold on tight! XOXO  Oct 31, 2011 ~ 8:58am
Monica  That first one is fantastic (all of them are, really), such a big girl already! What a blessing--she looks so very loved.  Oct 19, 2011 ~ 7:46pm
mindy tebbe  thanks for sharing - precious ! have not checked in a while as busy with my own new baby...CANNOT believe yours is 6 mos old already.  Oct 19, 2011 ~ 3:12pm
Snekcip  I just love coming to your blog to see the beautiful pictures and the stories behind them. You have a natural "gift of gab" and "pics that are fab"! Thank you for sharing!!  Oct 18, 2011 ~ 2:07pm
jasonschafer  Love these shots, Matt. You and Kylie look like you are you are really enjoying parenthood.  Oct 16, 2011 ~ 9:40pm
Jared Rey - Dallas Wedding Photographer  You make me oh so excited to be a dad some day......some day. Not anytime soon. But I look forward to it. Keep posting these little milestones!  Oct 11, 2011 ~ 5:48pm
Jess  I LOVE watching you be a daddy. She is absolutely adorable - especially with those sunglasses!! My hubby always says that kids bring you the highest highs and the lowest lows. Those highs make it all worth it. :)  Oct 10, 2011 ~ 2:46pm
Christine DeSavino   So true everything you saidÂ…it's truly amazing, isn't it? Beautiful post and beautiful images, Matt!  Oct 10, 2011 ~ 9:36am
Audry  what can I say just beautiful, love all specially number 2.  Oct 10, 2011 ~ 9:15am