Snekcip  Could that baby get any cuter??!!! Love ALL the pics! I had to pic out my favorites!! OMG the dog named Phyllis was by far the funniest!! Oh gosh...Phyllis! I can't get over the dog's name w/that hilarious caption!!!!  Jan 17, 2012 ~ 4:04pm
Monica  I enjoyed these photos so much, and Saige is a mini-you more and more! We didn't get Gabi a present on his first Christmas either, and both Santa and grandparents give only one 1 gift. He truly appreciates and cares for the few and treasured things he gets :) Thanks for sharing your special holiday time with us!  Jan 16, 2012 ~ 7:49pm
Chad Pennington  And I thought my New born was cute - Saige is giving her a run for the money. She is soooooo Cute  Jan 16, 2012 ~ 9:26am
elena Hernandez  lovely family! what a great journey you got to have and a fabulous documentary of Saiges joy of paper! lol thanks for sharing the love you see...  Jan 16, 2012 ~ 12:21am