bev  Priceless!  Jul 22, 2012 ~ 3:02pm
Snekcip  That "O" face is "O"ver the TOP packed w/cuteness!!! LOVE IT!!!  Jul 2, 2012 ~ 3:14pm
Kay  Matt: She just gets cuter every time I see a picture of her. She looks like she is developing a great personality. Just adorable. I could look at the pictures all day long and never get tired of them. Hope you had a great Father's day. By the look of your posts you are away on your trip. Stay safe and may you grow spiritually. Always, Kay  Jun 18, 2012 ~ 5:17pm
Monica  Happy Father's Day to one of the best Papas I know! I love these images and she grows more beautiful every time you capture her for us in photos. Thanks for always sharing your gifts.  Jun 17, 2012 ~ 11:45am
jason  What a great collection of images, Matt! Oh.. and if you think this age is cool, just wait. It gets even better.  Jun 15, 2012 ~ 11:55am
Jamie  She is too cute! beautiful images!  Jun 15, 2012 ~ 11:39am
Candy  These are all so great. When my daughter was 14 months old we found out I was pregnant with twins. =) Three months later (at 17 months) she was a Big Sister. =) Anything you want to tell us? LOL!  Jun 15, 2012 ~ 9:13am
Toni Albers  She's getting so big and more beautiful with every photo. Her expressions are the best. Great shots, Dad and Happy Fathers Day!  Jun 15, 2012 ~ 9:05am