Matt Nicolosi  You ladies crack me up with the workshop talk. I have some thoughts on that subject that I'll address in an upcoming post.  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 1:01am
jenny  matt...i bet if you'd announce that...ahem... upcoming workshop,you'd have your 100,000 visitors by tomorrow!!!! right girls!!! come on matt, you know you wanna!!!  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 7:29am
kendra  Have pity. We're reduced to jumping on any opportunity you provide to beg for a workshop. We're not even commenting on that cute little dog. It's all about the workshop.  Sep 22, 2008 ~ 10:35pm
Sharon  Oh, Jenny great idea! I was just going to beg Matt one more time to hold a workshop. :)  Sep 22, 2008 ~ 8:02pm
jenny  what a little comedian you are!!! another idea for the 100,000 visitor....a matt nicolosi workshop (open to anyone who has ever left a comment of course!!)  Sep 21, 2008 ~ 6:11pm
Matt Nicolosi  Wow, Matt, Zoe looks a little edgy. I think you need to back off on the sharpening for web images.  Sep 20, 2008 ~ 6:07pm