Well, I heard that cops keep liters of Coke in their trunk because it's the only thing that washes blood off the concrete after an accident. *gulp*  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 12:46pm
kendra  Don't get too confident about leaving it in your pocket. When you have kids, you don't use the permanent press cycle anymore. You always use the extra high water, extra heavy load, extra rinse cycle and I don't think your flash drive would survive.  Sep 27, 2008 ~ 10:58pm
rosie  awesome!! just so everyone knows, cell phones don't wash well at all. we should know. hubby and i have washed 3 between us. oops.  Sep 26, 2008 ~ 3:43pm
Paula  Great photo! The inside of both my washer AND my dryer are covered in Dora the Explorer stickers that have washed off of little-potty-training-girl clothes. They seem to launder just like your USB. They take a washing and keep on stickin'.  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 3:29pm
Dianna  Add softener to the keyboard next time - that might help.  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 2:19pm
Luis Murillo  Well...simple...the USB thumb drive doesn't have an active current when it goes through the wash cycle so no matter and also there aren't any moving parts in it so it doesn't matter if it's drowned in water. The coke thing is mostly because it sticks and also the keyboard tends to have an active electric current when that happens. Now about the magnet...I'll confirm it but I'm pretty sure that you need some really really strong magnet to cause any damage to the memory chip...but just for the sake of everyone here I'll sacrifice my old USB thumbdrive... Karen, don't worry about washing your memory cards as well...I would just let them dry before putting them into anything that inserts an electrical current into the card, air dry should be enough and unless your water is too salty the connectors on the cards won't rust as they're generally made of gold, ok just to be clear I'm referring to the contacts of the card, at least in the very high end cards. Ok....that's a long enough comment...hehe  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 1:52pm
Hippie  Ohhh, something about one electrical item being engergized when water comes in contact with it....Now pass a magnet by your keyboard and your memory stick and see which one survives!  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 11:14am
Karen  that is my biggest fear...washing my CF cards! so i gots me a CF card holder to wear on my belt...not the cutest accessory, but saves me grief!  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 9:58am
Shelley Rankin  Well that is cool! And perhaps it just likes you and wants to please you! :) Trust me, I would never get this lucky!  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 9:23am
Monica  I wonder if it would have survived if you had that one-and-only copy of wedding photos in there. Loved, this post, especially the suspense part ;)  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 9:09am
courtney  This is my favorite blog post I've read today. :) granted, it is only 8:18 AM but I find anyone hard-pressed to blog something this good today! Sorry I don't have any insight into why the laptop didn't survive the coke drops, but congratulations on having the world's most impressive flash drive :)  Sep 25, 2008 ~ 7:21am