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Day 100 ~ Kylie
WHAT: Bridals, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: April 13, 2009
I've been looking forward to this shoot since the day I asked Kylie to marry me. Photographing brides is one of my favorite things to do, and since this session would be with my favorite girl, how much more favoriter could it get?

I know it sounds corny, but I do feel blessed every day to share my life with Kylie... she is beautiful in every way. I definitely married up. I'm excited to be making this journey through life with her... to be her best friend, her partner in crime, her supporter, her fan, her confidant... her husband. I love you, sweetie.

It was kinda funny to photograph my wife in a bridal session, though... more often than not when I'd start to tell Kylie to turn her head this way or lean that way, she'd be like, I know, I know... I know what you want me to do, just gimme a second... it's hard to move in this dress. Hahaha... she's on to my tricks and needed very little coaching.

We went down to Highland Park United Methodist Church near the SMU campus in Dallas Friday afternoon, and my friend Tina came along to photograph Kylie as well. HPUMC was some amazing architecture and makes for a great backdrop for bridal photos. We had an awesome time until the Good Friday service got out just after 8pm and a stampede of people signaled the end of our session there.

Here's a few of my favorites of my favorite girl.

I. Love. This. Image.

I really wanted to get a "field shot", and on the way home we were racing against the clock to find a spot with an uncluttered view of the sky (not an easy thing to do in the urban sprawl of Dallas) before the amazing sky we had went dark. We jumped the curve on the service road of the George Bush turnpike and jumped out of the car ran into the field and caught these last two images literally in about 4 minutes. It was a little darker than I wanted by the time we started, but I still love the dramatic feel of these last two. For any photographer types reading this, Tina was holding an SB-800 flash + 20" softbox off camera to Kylie's right that I fired with PocketWizard wireless transceivers.

As Kylie mentioned, the only bad part about this day was there was no plane ride to Italy the next day... unlike the last time she wore this dress.


Allie - Vintage Meets Contemporary
WHAT: Bridals   |   WHEN: June 10, 2008
I love bridal sessions. I could do nothing but bridal sessions and be happy as a photographer doing nothing but bridal sessions. The brides always look stunning and are ridiculously excited about their upcoming wedding day and they're willing to do crazy things all in the name of an artistic image that will make them look amazing. And best of all, unlike (most) children they can't move very fast and they're (usually) extremely cooperative. C'mon, as a photographer does it get any better? I submit it does not.

Meet Allie. I've never met a bride that had a harder time not smiling. You wouldn't know it from some of the images below, but it was work for her to keep a straight face. Man did she pull it off, though. She and Josh are committing their lives to each other on June 28th... for the 2nd time. Yep, they already had a small, quick ceremony - a dry run ya might call it - not too long ago when they unexpectedly found out Josh was notified he was being deployed to Afghanistan. Shortly after they got married, Josh then found out he now didn't have to leave until January, so the "official" wedding is back on.

Isn't Allie a gorgeous bride? One of the coolest things to me about this session is that she is wearing the wedding dress her grandmother Judy wore 50 years ago with a few modern updates her aunt Debbie was ale to make. How cool is that? Very vintage contemporary.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our session together.


Melanie ~ bridals
WHAT: Bridals   |   WHEN: May 26, 2008

My friends Melanie and Mike got married this weekend, which means I can finally unpixelate her bridal images that we took a few weeks back. I met Mike about a year after I moved to Dallas back in 1996, and we used to referee football together for a couple years as well as play on a flag football team together. We still play football, and a couple years ago, he met Melanie through Dallas Sport and Social Club, and he was smart enough to realize she made him a better man. I couldn't be happier for both of them. Congrats, you two!

This was the session I was 103% sure wasn't going to happen because it had been gray and rainy all day, but as soon as we met at the park that evening, the sun peeked out and things dried up just enough for us to capture Melanie looking beautiful and all grown up.

This one cracks me up. Love the Melanie & Hippie (Mike's long-time nickname from the years when his hair was longer than Melanie's) coozy and Melanie's Kansas State garter. I have no idea why she continues to maintain an over-the-top allegiance to a school with such a mediocre football team.

Since these two are so down to earth, laid back and fun, Melanie and I talked about bringing Mike's Harley down for a few "biker bridals". Mike was a good sport about it and rode the Harley down to the park and then took a walk until I let him know it was all clear for him to come get the bike after Melanie has safely hidden away. Wow, he's a better man than I am. I think... scratch that; I know I woulda taken a peek.


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